Definition of GG

You will often see this phrase "GG" written in the chat room of online tournaments. GG stands for "Good Game". It's the common phrase poker players use to congratulate players at their table. GG will be used most often in tournaments when players are already in the paid seats. Imagine a final table, there are 9 players left in the tournament, two players are all in, one wins the prize pool, the other player is eliminated and the winner writes to the loser in the chat room "GG", as a way of saying "well done".

GG, NH, NC, TY, etc!

If you play poker online, you will see all these acronyms that are common in every country, no matter what language you speak. An online chat might look like this:- Wow, NC, NH!

- TY! GG!

- GG!

Translation: One player tried to bluff another. The player called the all in bet on the river with a single pair. The player is surprised and expresses to the other player that he is surprised and finds his call bold. "Wow, nice call, nice hand!" TY stands for "thank you" and both players conclude with a GG, "Good Game".

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