Hand history

Definition of hand history

A hand history is often a text file saved on your computer. This text file contains the history of an online poker hand you have played. The majority of online poker rooms save "hand history's". These files record every detail of a played poker hand. They are available for all variations of play (tournaments, sit’n’go, games of cash games, Omaha, Hold’em, etc). These files are used by your tracker to give you player information. The tracker will read all recorded hands, accumulate the information and display it on the table in your HUD.

The hand history, an incredible study tool

If you want to improve your game, it will be necessary to study your poker. To do so, there are several options. Reviewing hand history's is a perfect way to improve. Not only can you take notes about your opponents (you have much more time to notice all the details of an opponent's style), but you can also review the mistakes you've made. One thing that is really important when reviewing the history of the hands with the tracker is to take notes.


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