Definition of handgrabber

A "handgrabber" is software that "takes" the hands played in an online poker room, i.e. it creates and stores them on your computer. A handgrabber should be distinguished from a tracker. One of the many functions of a tracker is to take the hands played in a poker room and convert them into text files. The tracker will take the hands while you are at the table playing, which is perfectly legal. The handgrabber, on the other hand, will take all the hands from all the tables you assign to it, even if you are not at the table. This practice is illegal in all rooms.

?? What is the purpose of handgrabbing?

The purpose of taking the hands played on a site is to build a database. And the more hands you have in your database, the more representative it will be of a player's style. Let's say a player is new to a poker room. He doesn't know the players and the players don't know him. If he uses a handgrabber, he will open up say 12 tables of his limit, run his handgrabber 24 hours a day for a week and then analyze his opponents' results in detail. He can then have an advantage over them since he will know them while they will have no idea of his style. Although this technique is very beneficial in the long run, it is not allowed anywhere. If you are caught handgrabbing, you will face serious consequences.