Heads up

Definition of heads up

heads up translates as "one-to-one". In poker rooms, you will find several types of poker tables; full ring (FR, with 8,9 or 10 players) shorthanded (SH, with 4-5 or 6 players) and heads up (HU, with 2 players). In games of cash games, any table that has only two seats is called an heads up table. This is the most dynamic type of game. You will have to play more than half of your starting hands, which is not usual for shorthanded or full ring player games. heads up can be the most profitable poker game if you excel at it.

Tournament heads up

There are also tournaments heads up. These tournaments are shootout. Once you have beaten one opponent, you are paired with another opponent, until there is only one player left, the winner of the tournament. We will also talk about heads up in the sit’n’gos and tournament. When there are only two players left in a tournament or sit'n'go, we will then say that the tournament is heads up. This is an intense moment of the tournament because the first paid place in tournaments is often much bigger than the second paid place.

Heads up


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