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Definition of heater

A heater is a period of time in which a player has success with everything. It can also be a period of time in which he receives only good starting hands. Anyone who has ever played poker knows that AA, KK and QQ are rare. A player in a heater would have good hands on top of good hands. The heater can be 4 hands, 5 hands or more. We also say that a player is on the run, on fire or running good. You have to know how to take advantage of your heaters to maximize your profits.

Maximize your profits from your heaters

A heater is a time when we will usually make a profit. What's even better with heaters is that your opponents won't see your cards, so if they see you playing hand after hand and the hands never go down, they may suspect you're bluffing. Perhaps they will tell themselves that you are on an aggressive streak and want to bluff consistently. If one or more players want to play police with you and call your bets with very weak hands, just to see your cards, your heater could be even more profitable.

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