High stakes

Definition of high stakes

The high stakes poker games are the high limits. Not everyone will agree on the precise definition of limits, but here's a rough idea of how poker limits are categorized. If you play tournaments for €20 and under, you are playing micro-limits. If you play tournaments between €21 and €high stakes0, you play small limits. If you play tournaments between €high stakes1 and €600, you play medium limits. And if you play tournaments between €600 and €high stakes,000, you will probably be called a high stakes. Tournaments with $high stakes0,000 and more are often referred to as the nosebleeds. In games of cash games, tables that will have €blinds to €5/€high stakes (€1,000 of buy-in) will often be referred to as the high stakes table.

Higher limit = fiercer competition

Of course, it's not all about money. When we talk about the high stakes, we're also talking about world class. A player who is a regular player in cash games high stakes games has a very good chance of being a formidable player. If you are a regular loser at the 14 tables, you probably have millions in the bank that you won at work. high stakes games are fewer and fewer, as the caliber of players is getting stronger and stronger. Players in high stakes's will often prefer to go to medium limits to face weaker competition.


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