Definition of hood

The expression hood to poker can have several meanings. One of them is a very large monetary loss in a single evening. Another is a "downswing". A hood is a session that makes a hole in the bankroll.

Another possible use of the word hood is to qualify a player as a hood. The hooded player is often a beginner, a player who does not understand the subtleties of the game. In English and even in French he can also be called "noob". (beginner). The hooded gambler often has no idea that he or she is the hooded gambler.

Hooded player, pigeon, fish, fish, noob

Several words to describe the same type of gambler. poker is a complex game and the winning players have many hours of study behind the tie to be at the level they are. But not everyone has the same ambitions. Some neophytes will show up at your tables without much knowledge simply to have fun betting on their luck. Although the hooded player or fish has a bad reputation, it is still thanks to him that the economy of the poker turns. And to pastich a famous movie: "On a table of poker, if you haven't spotted the hooded player in the first 5 minutes, it's because the hooded player is you".


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