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Definition of HUD

The letters HUD stand for "Heads-Up Display". The HUD is what is displayed on your online poker table when you have a tracker. The tracker will record the hand history you play, it will accumulate the statistics to give you a complete report on each player. But for this information to be really useful, you need to be able to use it in real time at the poker table. The HUD is a small rectangle that you will see displayed on your table with all the information about your opponents.

The HUD, a powerful tool to win at poker!

If your online poker room allows players to use a HUD, you should use one. You will get a HUD if you buy trackers like PokerTracker 4 or Xeester for example. When you play several tables at the same time, it is impossible for you to keep track of everything the players have done. You can't always know who is playing a lot of hands, who is conservative, who is consistently betting on the river, who is 3-betting a lot, who is calling a lot, etc. Your HUD will give you this information. It will be possible for you to organize the particular information you want to see displayed on the poker table in your HUD.