Definition of "In the money

When you are in a tournament or sit'n'go, when the bubble is burst and you reach the paid seats, you are said to be "in the money". Before the payouts of a tournament, you'll see that the tournament will slow down and there will be what's called a bubble, a time when players are extremely conservative in order to get to the payouts. Almost always, the paid seats will give you at least a little more than your entry fee into the tournament.

In the money and "hand by hand

Before each pay-per-view stage, it is possible that the tournament (especially online) will be in hand-by-hand mode, which is a time when all tables will have to play at the same pace. Usually in tournaments, the tables run at their own pace. One table may play 12 hands per hour, another may play 22 hands per hour, all are free to go at their own pace, but prior to the paid seats of a tournament, all tables may be warned that once a hand is finished, that table may not start a new hand until all tables have finished playing the current hand.

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