Definition of reverse implied odds

Reverse implied odds is when hitting our draw will be a disaster because our opponent might have hit a better draw. Therefore, we would lose a big pot instead of winning a big one. The more experienced you become as a poker player, the less of a problem reverse implied odds will be for you.

An example of an implied reverse quote

You are a beginner player and you are playing against a shark. The flop is 5-2-2 and you have a small flush draw in your hand. Your opponent bets on the flop and you call the bet. The turn is an ace and your opponent bets again. You call the bet hoping to hit your draw. Here, since your opponent is qualified, it is possible that your call could lose in the long run considering the implied odds are reversed. The implied odds are reversed because if the draw hits, it is you and not your opponent who will lose extra money. Let's say the draw hits on the river and your opponent pushes all in. You call with a small flush; as a result, he shows you a stronger flush. It is also possible that you are already drawing dead on the turn if he has a full hand or four of a kind.