Definition of KO

KO means that a tournament is type knockout. An KO tournament or a knockout tournament (it's the same thing) is a tournament in which a bounty (bonus) is put on the head of all players. You will see the knockout tournaments announced as follows: knockout€ + 5€ + 1€. The knockout€ is the regular buy-in of the tournament. This money goes into the jackpot. The €5 is the €bounty placed on your head and the €1 is the €rake that you have to pay to the game room (we will also talk about commission or fees). If a player knocks you out, he will get your $5. If you eliminate players, you will win €5 each time.

Tournament Dynamics knockout

In an KO tournament, the benefit of eliminating players becomes double. Not only do we want their chips to increase our chances of winning the tournament, but we also want their bounty. Note that the bounty is given to the person who will win the last chip of a player. So, if you have 1999 chips and your opponent has 2000 chips, if you are both all in and you win the prize pool, your opponent will still have 1 chip left. The person who succeeds in winning that chip will win the bounty. Expect this hand to be played aggressively!


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