Definition of LAG

A qualified player of LAG is an aggressive lousse player. In other words, a player who plays a lot of hands very aggressively. A LAG player can be qualified as a LAG player because of the statistics collected by our tracker. For example, a shorthanded player playing 35/25 would qualify as a LAG. The 35 is his VPIP (Voluntary Put Money Into Pot) i.e. how often he invests money in the pot of his own free will and the 25 is the percentage of raises preflop. Here we see that the player raises more often than he calls.

The LAG and the TAG, two winning styles

Not all players LAG (lousse agressive) and TAG (tight agressif) are winners, but all winning players are either LAG or TAG. This is the style you should choose. If you're at a table full of good players, maybe the TAG style will work better (fewer hands will be played) and if the table is very passive, the LAG style may work very well. Note that if you are a beginner player, the TAG style will be better suited for you since you need to be very solid to be able to profit from a style LAG.


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