Last longer

Definition of last longer

The last longer is a side bet (put aside) that you can do with your friends. Let's say you enter a live tournament with 2 of your friends. Between you, you make a bet of "last longer" for $100. Everybody puts in $100 and the winner gets $300. The "last longer" (the one who lasts the longest) will be the player of the three who will be in the tournament the longest. To win the bet, no need to have touched a paid seat, you just have to have performed better than your friends.

The sides bets in tournaments lives

This kind of bet (the last longer) is one of the many bets you can make with your friends when you participate in casino tournaments. The last longer bet idea is a good one, but there are a variety of other bets you can make. For example, you could bet $100 each that will be given to the player who wins the highest pot in the tournament. This type of betting is also done in friendly games. At the end of the evening, the person who showed the strongest hand at the slaughter deserves the prize pool that everyone else has participated in, for example.


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