Made Hand

Factual definition

When we talk about a done deal, we are talking about a ready-made hand. AK preflop is a draw hand, but if flop falls A-A-2, we have a made hand. A made hand is a hand that has a good chance of being the best at slaughter. It's not like you have a draw. Speaking of a draw, we could contrast "hand-made" with "draw hand". A pull hand needs to improve to become a made hand.

Beware; some draws dominate the made hands

Most of the time, a hand made will be stronger than a print. For example, AK on A56 will dominate a draw hand like 78. But sometimes you will have draws that are stronger than tens. For example, take a hand like JT on K of hearts, 8 of clubs and 9 of clubs. At flop, even if a player has a top pair (a hand made) with the highest sidekick (AK), JTs will have 56% equity versus 44% for AK. A made hand is therefore not always ahead of a draw hand. This phenomenon is only true on the flop because if the turn is a spade, AK takes over in fairness.


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