Main event

Definition of Main event

If we are talking about the event hand, the event hand of the event hand is the annual tournament played in Las Vegas which is the main event of the World Series of poker. It is the $event,000 no-limit Hold’em tournament that crowns the poker world champion. It is the most prestigious tournament in the world. But the term Main event only means "main event" and can be used in any series of tournaments. It is a term only used in poker-player tournaments. Some poker series (in casino or online) have dozens of events and the series usually conclude with a Main event, a high buy-in tournament that crowns the event. This is the event with the most media coverage.

Special feature of a Main event

The Hand event are, for the most part, the most interesting tournaments to play. Firstly, the cash guarantee for paid seats will always be the highest. Secondly, the structure of the main events is always more interesting than the structures of the regular tournaments in the series. You will often have a huge starting mat, the blinds will increase very slowly, which will allow you to take your time and really play the poker with the deepstack.


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