Definition of micro stakes

Micro stakes are the micro-limit tables. Micro stakes are mostly used in cash games, but the term can be used in tournaments as well. Everyone has their own view of micro-limits, small limits, mid-limits and high limits, but let's agree that in cash games, micro-limits are games that will have blinds at 0.10/ 0.25 and less for no-limit cash games. In other words, if you are playing NL25??? and below, you are playing micro-limits. In tournament play, you could say that tournaments with buy-ins of 20??? and under are micro-limit tournaments.

How should micro stakes be approached?

The small limits are a good school for starting out in the poker world. The recommended poker at these limits is ABC poker. Play TAG (tight aggressive) and bluff little. When you have good hands, bet big to get paid. When you are no longer in control of your emotions, leave the table. You will usually encounter two types of players at micro-limits; the one who plays too many hands and the one who doesn't play enough hands. Go for value against the first type and bluff the second.