Middle stakes

Definition of middle stakes

middle stakes means "average limits". Each person has his or her own vision of what is meant by "average limit". As far as cash games games are concerned, if you play from NL400€ to NL600€ you are probably considered a middle stakes player. From NL1000€ you become a high limit player (highstakes) and below NL400€ (the lower limit is often NL200€) you will be considered a low limit player. As far as tournaments are concerned, a player playing tournaments between €100 and €500 would probably be considered a middle stakes player.

The middle stakes, an important step

The middle stakes are known to be difficult. Moving from micro-limits to small limits is done well. But moving from small limits to middle stakes is more difficult, since most players have a solid foundation in poker. In this ecosystem, you'll also find many high limit players who are in downswing and are looking to regain their confidence. Before making the leap to middle stakes, you're tired of being a big winner at the lower limits; the step up is high!


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