Definition of missclick

A "missclick" is a click by mistake. We are referring to a click by mistake that we make on our computer mouse when playing online poker. The missclick can be trivial or serious. The consequences of a missclick can vary. If you are 27o and want to click "Surrender" but missclick "Call" and the player before you was all in, that is a costly missclick (unless you are very lucky). The consequences of our missclicks are different from time to time, but in general, a missclick is never good (unless you are lucky).

Tips to avoid missclick

If you have missclick on your online poker table, it may be that you are tired and should take a break. It could be that you are playing too many tables and should remove some. Or maybe you're doing something else on your computer. If you're doing Google searches while playing poker and a poker table pops up because it's your tournament's turn to play, you may be having a missclick. Generally, a missclick is a consequence of something going wrong with your poker setup; the next time you missclick, take a few seconds to think about the proper adjustments to make.

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