New York back raise

Definition of New York back raise

A New York back raise is a game that you prepare when you know your opponents well. In summary, it is a call preflop with a raise (squeeze) from an opponent for our turn, re-raiser (back-raise). Let's see an example. A player opens in the UTG position. A player in the MP position calls. You are on the button with AA. Here, you could make a 3bet, but you would look very (too?) strong. And you know the player in position big blind; he likes squeezer. So you call with your aces on the button waiting for a squeeze. When the squeeze occurs, you can make your back raise.

A New York back raise; perfect for mixing your game

In the situation described above, even if your opponent doesn't squeeze, you are still in position with aces, which can't be a bad thing. Several players instantly go 3bet with AA on the button. But if you always play this game with your aces, when you call, your range is capped, you can no longer have AA and KK. That's why using caller to encourage your opponents to make squeezes is a good idea to vary your style of play.


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