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Definition of no flop no drop

"No flop no drop" is a policy that some poker rooms have. This policy states that if the table does not see a flop, there is no "drop" (rake or commission to be paid). Usually, at most online poker rooms, in cash games, the cardroom will take a % of the pot size in rake regardless of the pot size. The "no flop no drop" policy allows for no rake to be paid even if a large pot is played preflop. This is obviously a policy that benefits the player.

The no flop no drop at micro-limits

If you ever find yourself in a "no flop no drop" game room and you are playing micro-limits, since the rake is so large relative to the size of your stacks, the policy should influence your play. How should it affect your play? You should play more aggressively. If a player consistently calls from the big blind when you make a small raise on the button, raise bigger. You'll also want to do more squeezes, 3bets and 4bets to reduce post-flop hands.

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