Definition of nuts

When we talk about the nuts in poker, we are talking about the best possible hand at a specific stage. The preflop nuts is AA, but if the flop comes 2-2-5, then the nuts becomes a pair of 2s in hand for a four of a kind. When we have the nuts, we have the best possible hand. The nuts should not be confused with a draw to the nuts. If we have A5 in spades on 2-7-9 with 2 spades, we have a nuts draw, but we don't have the nuts.

Origin of the word nuts

Not everyone agrees with the origin of the word "nuts". Nuts in English means "nuts" but it can also mean "nuts". There is a legend that in the cowboy era, in order to ensure that a bet was protected, the nuts were unscrewed from the player's vehicle and placed on the table. This meant that the bet was safe and that the loser could not escape. Although you can have the nuts at any stage of a hand, the term "nuts" is generally used for the river only, since the nuts on the flop are not necessarily the same as the nuts on the river.

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