Definition of Obv

Obv is part of the lingo of poker that you will read in the chat rooms of your online poker. Obv is a shortcut to "Obviously" which means "obviously". The expression can be used in many different ways, especially when a player is discouraged. For example, a player who is in a bad pass goes all-in with 99 out of 9-2-3 against a player who has 33. The river brings a fourth 3 and the player with the pair of 9 writes in the chat "Obv" as if to say "obviously I'm losing this hand again, I've been losing almost all of it lately".

Did you have the nuts?

Obv can be used as a sign of discouragement, but also with a smirk on the face. For example, a player bets on the river and you decide to go for the big move: you are all in in bluff. This raise puts your opponent in an uncomfortable situation and he starts thinking long and hard about the game he's about to make; call or fold? He thinks for a long minute and finally goes down. But his fold haunts him. He writes in the chat room, "I had the straight, did you have the flush?" To which you reply, "Obv!"


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