Open raise

Definition of open raise

A open raise occurs when no one has done an action before you. If you are in the UTG position and raise, you roll a open raise. If a player has limped before you and you have raised, it is not a open raise, it is an iso-raise (you isolate yourself with the player who has limped). The expression "open" indicates that you are the first to make a play. The open raise is a very classic poker game. Usually, when no one has spoken before you and you want to go to a flop, it is very advisable to make a "open raise".

Advantages of open raise

A open raise has several advantages. For one, you reduce the number of players who will see the flop. If you make a limp, it is possible that several players will follow you and that you will see a flop with 4 or 5 players. The more players who see a flop, the less control you will have over the hand. Also, the more players in flop, the less equity you will have in the hand. Of two, when you make a open raise, you have the initiative, i.e. you have control of the hand. You represent one strong hand and you can represent several strong hands out of several flops.

Open raise


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