Definition of outside

What we mean by outside in poker is a type of pot. In English, we talk about the "hand pot" and "side pot" is the outside pot. A outsidese pot is created when there is a player already all in the hand and other players are still involved in the hand with one stack remaining. There's nothing like a scenario to better understand what is meant by the pot outside.

An example of a pot outside

In this hand, 3 players are involved; the button, the small blind and the big blind. The player on the button had outside big blinds before the flop and he pushed all in. The players in the blinds had 20 big blinds preflop and called the raise. By the flopth, we have a pot of 30 big blinds (outside x 3) which will be called the "hand pot" or main jackpot. Players in the blinds are still in the hand with outside big blinds remaining each. On the flop, the small blind goes all-in (outsidebb) and the big blind calls. These big blindss will be sent to the outside pot to form a second pot (20 big blinds). At the showdown, we will look at the hands of both players in the blinds to see who wins the outside pot (which the button will not be allowed to hit) and then compare the 3 hands to determine who will win the main pot (30 big blinds).



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