Definition of LIC

PFR stands for "Preflop Raise". When you see PFR at a poker table, it will probably be in your HUD that comes with your tracker like PokerTracker 4 or Xeester. These 2 trackers always use the PFR shortcut. This is a statistic that is displayed by default in just about every HUD next to the VPIP (Voluntary Put Money Into Pot) statistic. The PFR or preflop raise is how often a player raises preflop. This number should be related to the VPIP. The preflop raise can be 2 big blinds, 3 big blinds, whatever. The preflop raise is opposed to the limp, which is the action of simply paying the big blind without raising.

Relationship between VPIP and LIC

If a player has a VPIP of 50 and a PFR of 15, he is more likely to call than to raise. He's pretty passive. You know he's a recreational player who's not too aggressive. When he raises, he probably still has a good hand. On the other hand, if you see a player with a VPIP of 21 and a LIC of 19, you know that he is a player who likes to have the initiative. The LIC is always best understood in conjunction with the IPPV.

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