Definition of LIC

PFR means "Preflop Raise". When you see PFR on a poker table, it will probably be in your HUD that accompanies your tracker as well as Poker 4 or Xeester. Those 2 trackers always use the shortcut PFR. This is a statistic that appears by default in just about every HUD next to the VPIP statistic (Voluntary Put Money Into Pot). The LFP or Preflop Raise is the frequency at which a player raises preflop. This number will have to be put in relation to the VPIP. The raise preflop can be 2 big blinds, 3 big blinds, it doesn't matter. The Preflop Raise is opposed to the "limp" which is the action of simply paying the big blind without raising.

Relationship between the VPIP and the LFP

If a player has a VPIP of 50 and a PFR of preflop, it is because he is more the style to call than to raise. He is quite passive. You know he's a recreational player who is not too aggressive. When he raises, he probably still has a good hand. On the other hand, if you see a player with a VPIP of 21 and a LOC of limp, you know he's a player who likes to take the initiative. The LIC always understands himself better when he is put in contact with the VPIP.


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