Definition of pocket peer

A "pocket pair" is a pair in the hole. Pocket pair is when we receive a preflop pair in our hole hand. Pocket pair should not be confused with the pair we can make on the flop. If we have AK in our hand on a K-2-3 flop, we have a pair. If we have KK preflop, we have pocket pair. If we get 2 random cards in Texas Hold'em, we have a 1 in 16 chance of getting a pocket even.

Don't overestimate your pocket peers

Many poker players are in love with pocket pairs. Obviously, if you have a pair of aces, kings or queens, there's plenty to celebrate. But when you have pocket eveners like 22, 33, 44, 55 in UTG position, it's probably a good idea not to overestimate them. These types of hands at an aggressive table will lose in the long run. Most players will open them, but if you analyze your database on a good sample of hands, you'll find that you don't make any money with these hands in early positions, especially if you're playing on full ring tables.

Pocket pair

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