Pot size raise

Definition of pot size raise

A "pot size raise" is a raise the size of a pot limit. This is the maximum raise you can make when playing poker "11". It is usually a sign of strength. A player who makes a "pot size raise" is usually very strong and quickly tries to put his entire stack in the middle of the table. Since many people find it difficult to calculate the size of a "pot size raise", we'll give an example below for clarification.

How to calculate a pot size raise?

If you play poker online, no problem, the software will calculate the raise amount for you. But if you are playing with friends in poker 11, how will you calculate the size of a pot size raise? Let's take an example. You're on the turn, a player bets €10 in €75 and you want to make a pot size raise. The total pot limit is $85, so the raise will be $85, right? No. If you make a pot size raise at that point, you'll have to calculate the size of the pot limit after you place your opponent's bet. In reality, everything is done in one move, but let's pretend that the game is a two-step game. Step 1, we equalize the bet to 10€. Now the pot limit is 95€. If we make a pot size raise, we make it €95, which we add our initial €10 bet to it, so the raise will be €105!

Pot size raise


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