Prize pool

Definition of prize pool

The "prize pool" are the paid seats in a tournament. This is the total prize pool of paid seats. The total prize pool (the total prize pool) is divided into paid seats. We only talk about "prize pool's" in tournament style poker variations (sit’n’go, shootout,tournaments, etc.). The structures of the different tournaments vary. Some tournaments will have 50% of the paid seats, i.e. 50% of the players entering the tournament will have a paid seat; some tournaments will have 30% paid seats and others 20%. There are even tournaments that will have only 1 paid seat (we call the formula "winner-take-all" or in English "the winner gets all").

Your style should be influenced by the prize pool

We saw above that there are different types of tournaments with different paid seat structures. Your style should be influenced by the paid seat structure. If 50% of the players are paid as in a "double or nothing" (DON), you will obviously have to have a much more conservative style than if you are in a "winner-take-all" tournament where there will only be one winner. Always keep the prize pool structure in mind when playing your tournaments.


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