Definition of rake

Rake means "the scratch" or "the rake". The rake is the person who collects the commission for each pot played in poker. In short, rake is the commission paid to the poker room. On the cash games, it's called "commission". In tournament poker, it's called an entry fee. A €100 + €10 tournament will be a €100 tournament that will go into the paid seats and €10 will be to cover the commission fee. This money will go to the casino, online or physical gambling room. The rake is pretty much the same everywhere.

How is rake calculated?

In tournaments, rake is usually 10%. If you play a €10 tournament, you will pay €1 in rake. If you play a €100 tournament, you will pay €10 in commission. As for the cash games games, it depends on the game room. The majority of online gaming rooms will have a commission cap. This will usually be €3 per pot. So, whether you played a pot at $100 or $5,000, when you win the pot, in both cases, $3 will be taken out of the pot and paid out as commission. If the pot is smaller, we will usually take between 4% and 10% of the size of the pot. Some live casinos do not have a rake cap on cash games-player games.


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