Definition of rakeback

When you play poker, it doesn't matter whether it's tournaments or cash games-player games. You will pay a rake-player fee, which is a commission to your cardroom or an entry fee for your tournaments. If you are a big player and you pay a lot of rake (commission), the cardroom may offer you a "rakeback", i.e. a return on your paid fees. This practice is much more common in online poker than in live casino poker.

How is the rakeback calculated?

The return on your commission paid will depend on your play volume and the poker room. Some rooms will return rakeback% of your monthly paid fees and others may return up to 50% of your paid fees. The cash return will be given to you each month. Usually it works in stages. For example, we could say that if you paid €100 and less in commission, you will be returned 10%, if you paid €500 and less, you will be returned 20% and if you paid €1000 and more in commission in your month, you will be returned 35%. Please note that some rooms will have a cap for commissions.


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