Definition of reg

A "reg" is a shortened way of saying "a regular". Here we are talking about a regular poker player, who we see every day at our tables. A regular is not only a regular player, but also a winning player. If a player is at your tables every day, but loses day after day, he will not be a regular, but an "fish" (fish) or a "reg fish" (a regular fish). When we play against a reg, we assume he is decent, knows how to play and try to limit our interactions with him. A reg is a winning player who studies his or her game and is serious about it.

What is the approach against regs?

When you're at your poker table, you want to identify the regs and fishs. You want to take as many notes as possible about each one. Obviously, you'll want to play as many hands as possible against the fishs and as few hands as possible against the regs. In order to better face the regs, it is good to know them well. Always keep your notes on them in mind and play according to the information you have on them.


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