Result oriented

Definition of result oriented

Literally, "result-oriented". A player who would be called a "result oriented" is a player who, even though he has made a good play, if the result is not in his favour, will blame himself. If you push all in preflop with QQ and your opponent calls with AK, you have made a good game, you are a favorite. From that point on, no matter what the result is, you should be happy with yourself; you did the right thing. A "result oriented" player, if he loses the hand, will be able to say "I should have folded my hand, I shouldn't have gone all in, I knew I was going to lose".

You play poker for the long run

Your job as a poker player is to make good decisions. In the short term, the results may not be in your favor. But you know that in the long run, the results will be in your favor. The outcome is something you can't control. As a poker player, you want to put energy into what you can control. If mathematics tells you that in the long run you will win the hand 55% of the time by making this or that game, you have to do it and think about the long term and not the short term.


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