Reverse hand history

Usually, when a player posts a hand history on a poker forum for example, he posts the hand on his side, on the hero's side. When a player posts a reverse hand history, he posts the hand in the shoes of the villain, as if he were a hero. The goal is to know what the players would have done in the villain's shoes in this situation. This strategy has several advantages, including getting a different perspective on how the hand was played.

Why publish a reverse hand history?

Let's say you made a bluff and you want to know if it was good or not. If you post the hand on the hero side and everyone sees that the bluff didn't work, many will be able to say that the bluff was not good (they will be result oriented). To get a more objective view of the situation, you can put the forum members in the shoes of the villain as if it were hero by asking the members if it was a good call to make on the river. Since the angle is different and the forum members will not know it was a bluff, they may see the hand from another angle and give a different answer.