Definition of rigged

"Rigged" in English means "rigged". If you play poker online, you will probably hear one or more players say that poker online is "rigged". Of course, there is a good chance that players who say that poker online is rigged are the losers. Although there have been a few incidents in its history, online poker is very closely monitored and the algorithm that generates the hands and the tables is one that will deal the cards in a purely random manner.

No, online poker is not rigged!

There is a saying (joking of course) that poker online is rigged because "It's always the good players who win and the bad players who lose!". One of the phrases we often hear from those who say that online poker is rigged is "When you play live, you don't see as many full hands and colors as you do online". And that's absolutely right. Why is that so? Because when we play online, we play 4, 6 or even 12 tables simultaneously and each table will give us between 25 and 250 hands per hour. When you play in a casino, you see a much smaller number of hands. Online, you can easily play 1000 hands per hour. To play 1000 hands in a casino, you'll have to spend a week there.


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