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Definition of river

The river is the last card to be revealed from the community cards. In total, a Hold'em poker player can use up to 7 cards to make up his 5-card hand. Among the 7 cards, there will be his pocket cards (2), the flop (3), the turn (1) and finally, the river (1) for a total of 7. The river is preceded by the turn. After the river, if for example one player bets and the other calls, we go to the showdown to reveal the hands.

The river, the most expensive street

It is important to play the rivers well. You might say that it is important to play all the streets well, and you would be right, but the reason we mention this detail is that on the river, this is when the pot will be the biggest. When a player bets 50% or 75% of the pot on the river, the bet can be 50 big blinds or more, a phenomenon rarely seen on the flop for example. If you make a bad call on the river, it will be more expensive than if you make a bad call on the flop.