Definition of ROI

R.O.I. stands for Return On Investment. The ROI is mostly calculated by tournament players and sit’N’gos. The ROI can be calculated in several ways. The purpose of calculating ROI is always to find out if we are profitable or not in poker and what our hourly rate is. Let's take a simple example. We play 100 tournaments at €10+€1 each. At the end of those 100 tournaments, we calculate that we have raised $2,000 in total. Here our investment is $11 x $100 = $1100. Our profit is $2,000 (winnings) - $1100 (investment) = $900. We have played 100 tournaments for a profit of $900 so we make an average of $900 per tournament ($900/100 tournaments = $900).

More details on the ROI

From this information, we can calculate our hourly wage. How much money did we make in how many hours of gambling? According to the information collected above, we learn that for every €11 invested, we have a net profit of €9, which gives us a % return on our investment of 81%, which is very high! If you ever get paid to play poker or want to request a staking to play poker, this information will be crucial.


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