Definition of royal flush

A royal flush is a royal flush! It is the strongest poker hand ever. There are 4 types of royal flushes: T-J-Q-K-A all hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs. This hand is extremely rare and that is why it is so strong. The rarer a hand is in poker, the stronger it is. Even with a hand like JT suited, you will only flop a royal flush 0.005% of the time! No poker hand can beat a royal flush and the top hand in terms of strength is the straight flush (for example 5-6-7-8-9 all in spades).

Royal flush and badbeat jackpot

If you are playing online and have a badbeat jackpot in effect at your table (progressive jackpot), you may be able to win that jackpot with your royal flush if you ever win against a straight flush or four of a kind. Most of the time, a badbeat jackpot is won when a player loses with a minimum of a four of 8 with two cards in hand (in this case, with 88 in hand). If you win the hand with your royal flush (still with two cards down), you would get 25% of the progressive jackpot (the loser of the hand would get 50% of the badbeat for losing with such a strong hand).

Royal flush

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