Royal Flush

A royal flush is the strongest hand in most poker games. There are 4 royal flushes: T-J-Q-K-A all hearts, all spades, all clubs or all diamonds. When you have this hand, you are 100% sure you have the best hand. The royal flush beats the straight flush and cannot be beaten by any other hand. For example, if you have JT in your hand, you will flop a royal flush 0.005% of the time. This is not to discourage you, but you can play poker for a lifetime and you may not have any.

Set aside in friendly games

If you've ever played friendly poker games, you may have made side bets with them. Side bets can be many, your imagination will be the limit. A side bet is a bet that is made before the game begins. A popular bet in friendly games is the highest hand. Let's say each player puts 5 in the pot to participate in this side bet. At the end of the night, the player who makes the highest hand during the night wins the pot. Obviously, if you are lucky enough to make a royal flush, you will win that pot!

Quinte flush royale

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