Definition of sandbag

Playing a sandbag hand is the act of passively playing a very strong hand. Sometimes you have to play your good hands aggressively. Like when there are multiple draws on the flop or when there are multiple players involved in the hand. But when your hand is too strong and there are no draws, playing your hand as a sandbag is the way to go. Imagine you have 88 in your hand on 8-8-2. Here, no straight draw, no flush draw and no reason to believe that a player could have an overpair. This is a good situation to play passively.

When to play and not to play your hand in sandbag?

There are several variables to consider when deciding whether or not it is a good time to play your hand in a sandbag. The worst time will be on a flop with multiple draws when you have multiple players on the flop. Imagine you have 88, but on a KJ8 flop with a flush draw and you have 4 players on the flop. Here, you have to play aggressively. Players with pairs and draws will call you. The best time to play your hand in sandbad is when you are heads-up on the flop, the flop is no draw and your hand is very strong.

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