Scooper a pot

Definition of flop a pot

Some variants of poker like Hold'em are high variations. By high we mean that players must make the best possible hand. At the showdown, the player to win pot will be the player with the best hand, the strongest hand. But some variations like Omaha will have a pot divided in 2; 50% of the pot for the strongest hand and 50% of the pot for the weakest hand. If at the slaughter of a Omaha high-low hand you win and the high and the low (both pots), then it will be said that you scooped the pot.

An example of a pot scooped

You are at the slaughter in a game of Omaha high-low. You have A-A-2-3 on A-K-5-6-9. Your opponent has K-K-3-4. Since there are 3 cards low on the board, low will be played (A-5-6). On high, you will win 50% of the reserved jackpot because you beat his three of a kind king with your three of a kind ace. And with your 23 in hand, you have the best low for A-2-3-5-6. Your opponent is a little less good with A-3-4-5-6. You win both halves of pot and you score the pot!


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