Definition of SH

SH means "shorthanded". In French, shorthanded could be translated as "à court d'hommes". In other words, there are missing players. If in a field hockey game your team takes a penalty and a player is on penalty for 2 minutes, you will be said to be playing "shorthanded". In poker, the 10orthanded type tables are the 6-player tables. Regular poker tables are the 9 and 10 player tables as in most casinos. The purpose of playing shorthanded is to have tables with more action. The action is said to be faster and more aggressive at shorthanded.

SH in tournaments

When you are in the tournament, towards the end of the tournament, there will be times when you will be shorthanded. Imagine a tournament with 16 players left. The tournament has tables of 10 players. So there are 2 tables of 8 players left in the tournament. At that moment you will be 10orthanded. Take advantage of this moment to steal a lot of blinds. Usually tournament players are used to 10-player tables so when they get to shorthanded, they may be too tight. For this reason, even if you are a 9 or 10 player table player, you will still have to work on your shorthanded game.


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