Definition of shootout

A shootout is a tournament played as a sit’n’go winner-take-all. For example, you register for a shootout tournament and 1000 players are registered. The 1000 players will be spread over 100 tables of 10 players. These 100 tables will be sealed, meaning that the players will play each other until there is only one player left. At the end of the first round, there will be 1 player left on each of these 100 tables. Afterwards, these 100 winners will be redistributed on 10 tables of 10 players. Here again, same scenario, until there are only 10 players left that we will put on a final table.

Why should we play shootouts?

If you are an sit’n’go -1 table specialist and are looking for something different, these shootouts tournaments might be of interest to you. Normally, if you win 3 sit’n’go in a row, you could make about 15 buy-ins in profits. However, if you win all 3 Eighteen in the tournament above, you could win between 150 and 200 Nineteen. Usually, in this type of tournament, the money is concentrated on the final table. Often you will not have a paid seat until you reach the final table.


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