Definition of shove

A "shove" (push in French) is synonymous with all in or carpet. When we say that a player "shove is stack", it means that he pushes all his chips to the middle of the table and therefore he is all in. You may hear phrases such as "Do you like my shove on the river"? or "Do you think I should have shove on the river"? There is always talk of pushing one's carpet in this situation.

The word shove and its many synonyms

If you are a regular visitor to online poker rooms or online poker room chat rooms, you know that there are many synonyms for the same idea. To describe the action of putting all your chips or money in the middle of the table, you can use several expressions: a shove, an all in, go all in, a jam, a snap push, a push, "I bombed the river", "I sent it all in", "I pushed it all in", "I sent all the gravy", "I sent the gum", etc. And that was just an excerpt of the expressions you will hear. In short, a shove is an all in!



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