Shuffle up and deal

Definition of shuffle up and deal

The translation of "shuffle up and deal " is "shuffle the cards and deal", but you won't often hear this expression in English. It is a phrase that is often thrown around at the beginning of tournaments. As soon as the tournament starts, the tournament director will call out a "shuffle up and deal " to announce to all the dealers that they can now shuffle and deal.

The shuffle up and deal as the national anthem

If you attend a professional sports game, you may hear someone singing the national anthem before the game starts. It is part of tradition and it is customary to do so. In poker (which many consider a sport), you don't sing the national anthem, but you do shout the famous "shuffle up and deal ". In many large and prestigious tournaments, it is not the tournament director who will utter this phrase, but a celebrity such as Doyle Brunson or Bruce Buffer, the official announcer of the UFC.


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