Sit & Go or Sit and Go or Sit'n Go or sNg

Definition of sit & go

A sit & go is similar to a tournament. Unlike a tournament, it will not start at a fixed time, but when there is a quorum. A sit & go has a predefined number of players. There are sit & gos to 2 players, 6, 9, 12, 18, 180, 360, etc. The sit & gos formats are added year after year. What makes a tournament different from a sit & go is that it will start when the number of entries has been filled. The structure will be determined in advance and generally, the sit & gos will have a structure that will favour the first places. In other words, the money in the total prize pool will be concentrated in the first 3 places.

The sit & gos, an excellent school!

If you're new to online poker, the sit & gos will be a great school to train you. You'll have better control over your spending than in cash game because in cash games, if you have a bad sequence, you never know how much it can cost you in your evening. The price of the sit & gos is fixed and they have a shorter duration than tournaments that can stretch over several days sometimes.


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