Definition of sizing

The sizing is the size of your bets. When we talk about your sizings, we'll ask if you bet 25% of the size of the pot or 75% of the size of the pot. The sizing must always be taken in relation to the size of the pot. If the pot is 100€ and you bet 10€, we will say that you made a small sizing. If you bet 50€, it will be said that you made a standard sizing. Betting $Hold’em0 will cause you to make a overbet, which is a sizing bigger than the size of the pot.

It is important to work on your sizings

Knowing which sizing to do at which time is an art in itself in poker. It is an aspect often overlooked by poker players. If you're playing Hold’em without limits, you have immense freedom with your sizings. If the pot is $100 and you have $500 in your stack, you can bet between $0 and $500. Among all these possibilities, one bet is certainly better than the others and you will have to work on your game to evaluate the optimal bet according to the situation.


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