Small ball

Definition of small ball

The small ball is a poker strategy that consists of keeping the pot as small as possible in order to see as many flops as possible. A poker player with a small ball approach will want to go for a maximum of flops on a low shot. He will be the type to call at limp, calling without raising, even with strong hands. We've seen many poker legends practice this strategy. The idea behind this strategy is that there is a lot of variance in being aggressive without seeing the flop and that it is better to see discounted flops to reduce the variance.

Reviews of the small ball

While small ball has some advantages, it also has several disadvantages. One of them is that by calling often rather than raising, we don't have control of the hand. This makes it more difficult to bluff effectively and represent good hands. Also, when playing small ball, you will often see flops to 4-5 and even 6 players. By raising preflop, you exhaust the number of players who see a flop and increase your chances of winning the pot. By playing pots at 5-6 players, you have each time less chance to win the pot.


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