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How do you recognize a spewy player?

A spewy player is a player who spews, in other words, a player who has no regard for his money. A spewy player tends to have no desire to fold. The spewy player will call too much, bluff too much, push all in repeatedly because he is sometimes tilted. The spewy or spewtard player will also be the type to play higher than he can afford. Against a spewy player, you play solid ABC poker and don't bluff. The spewy player is also said to have a tendency to "level up", i.e. to imagine several mind games with his opponents. These mind games will convince him to bet more, bluff more and never fold.

If you have a tracker like PokerTracker 4, you will recognize it by its demented statistics. The spewy player will have a high VPIP, a high preflop raise, a high 3bet and an almost non-existent fold to 3bet. Something like 75/55 with a 35% 3bet and a 5% fold to 3bet. Generally, the spewy player will respond to aggression with aggression. He is a gambler; he is sometimes there to have fun, to blow off steam, to bluff. He is not there to lie down and let his opponents dominate him. Don't bluff the spewy players, wait for your hand and clear them out!