Definition of sss

When writing card values and suits to describe a hand, even in French, most of the time the suit will be written in English. The S stands for "spade". So, if a flop comes in 5s of spades, 6s of spades and 7s of spades, we would write that the flop came in 5s-6s-7s or 567sss.

SSS or ss or ssss

Here, it's just variations on the same theme. But when you understand the principle, you know what it is. If you write to a friend that you had 56ss on 789ss, you had a 5 of spades and a 6 of spades on a 789 flop with 2 spades. Or if you say, "I had Ace5 on 789Jsss," you had the ace of spades, a 5 of a color X that is not spades on a board with 3 spades. The other colors are diamond (d), club (c) and heart (h).