Definition of decavate

Stripping can mean 2 distinct things. Firstly, to clarify that the bankroll is your entire stack. Whether it's chips in tournaments or money in cash games, the entirety of what you have on the table is your bankroll. When we talk about raiding, we are talking about losing all of your chips or taking all of your opponent's chips ("I raided him on a cooler with aces against kings"). Ripping also means protecting your chips when playing cash games. This technique is also known as "ratholing".

An example of ratholing

For example, we buy the minimum possible on a table, say 50 euros. We double our carpet quickly to 100 euros. We then leave the table to go wash up. We go to the casino desk, exchange 50 euros of our chips for tickets and then take a seat at the same table with 50 euros. Some players want to protect their winnings in this way. These players always prefer to have a small stack to go all in more easily. These players are called "shortstacks". Note that this technique is illegal almost everywhere and online poker rooms have systems that will prevent you from doing this.